Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How To: Add an Item in Delicious Library 3 Part 1

So you downloaded Delicious Library 3 and now you want to fill it up with all of your stuff. Use the search bar, your webcam, our scanner iOS app, or even by creating a new blank entry there are many ways to add your items to Delicious Library. Our search results is directly sourced through Amazon (in the US and 8 other countries) so you can search for your stuff in their database of millions of items. Need a quick tutorial? Lets get started.

Option 1: Searching
The search bar in the top right corner is not just for finding out what is in your library. 

For the most specific results, enter the ISBN.

For more broad results search by Title or Author. 

To limit search results to only one category change the Type. 

Expand your search to see all items by one Author. 

Now to add an item simply press the + next to the result you own or drag and drop the item onto your shelf. You'll know instantly you added the item successfully because it will shoot to the top of your list and in the Amazon search results it appears with a big red Owned stamp. 

Voila! Now you can start building your library using our search bar. Next time I'll explain how to add items using your webcam or handy dandy iOS scanner app.