Friday, May 24, 2013

NEEDED: Short Term Localizations Internship

We  need a translator, stat!

We just released a shiny new version of Delicious Library 3 that desperately needs someone to translate and make it great for other languages. We want speakers of every language to be able to enjoy Delicious Library natively.  Unfortunately, localizing for all languages may be impossible, so we're starting with the following:
(If you're interested in localizing DL3 for any other language, please let us know.)

We need someone who is interested in learning the basics of localizing software and also has a strong knowledge of the language they'll be localizing. Localizing is more than just translating; it's taking into consideration colloquialisms and nuances of languages and making sure that the "feeling" of our English app gets translated to the new language.

ASAP. This is about 3 days work and we'd love to get it integrated in our app immediately.

We'd love to give you a copy of our app for helping us localize. Your name will also appear in the about box of every copy of DL3, which basically means you're famous.

If interested contact: