Wednesday, April 24, 2013

World, meet Delicious Library 3!

After five years of sweat and toil (and a few mojito benders), we are stoked to introduce Delicious Library 3, specifically designed for a post-hard copy world.

So what makes Delicious Library 3 more The Godfather, Part III and less Scary Movie 3?

Smart recommendations. We've always helped you know what you own, but now Delicious Library is even better at helping you discover more things you love. We integrate your collection, ratings, and wishlist to generate recommendations based on your collector profile. If your friends own any of the recommended items, Delicious Library flags them for you.

Better sharing. Pool resources by sharing your library with friends. Borrow stuff you want, loan items out–Delicious Library 3 makes it easier than ever to keep track of items.

Charts. You requested this feature, and we've finally answered. See the current value of your collection, total page count, and other fun data rendered in cool charts.

An awesome iPhone app. Delicious Scanner is finally here! Scanning is now more mobile, literally. Got an iPhone? Download our app and you, too, can carry a hand-held scanner in your pocket.

MOAR WOODS. Seriously, so many gorgeous woods. Mahogany for art books, pine for garage tools, European yew for French films–it's up to you. Customize all of your shelves.

Delicious Library 3 is now available in the Mac App Store, or download and try it for free from our (new, improved) website. Let us know what you think!