Friday, June 08, 2012

It's 12 o'clock – Do YOU Know Where Your Books Are?

Delicious Library is a great product for people like me, who are borderline-OCD about the way we keep our collections organized. Our software makes it so easy for you to see what you have in your personal library – but what if you want to find the physical item itself? Say you're showing off your library to a friend and he asks to borrow a particular book he sees on the shelf on your screen – how do you find that book in your home? Or maybe you're moving and need to make sure that you know exactly where certain items are. Guess what? We have an easy way to do that.

To use Delicious Library to pack boxes, first create a new shelf and name it after your box (or room in your house or particular shelf, etc.) Next, select the shelf from the list in the left-hand column and drag and drop items onto the shelf as you pack (or set up your room, load up the shelf, etc.)

Once the box is full or you have all the items you want on the shelf, click on one item on the shelf and press ‘Command-A’ to select everything on that shelf. Click on the edit tool (pencil) and look for the 'Location in Building' field in the details panel. Select it and type in the shelf (box) name. Finally, press 'Enter' to save changes and end editing. If you want, you can delete the shelf you just created after this step.

Now if you want to see where a particular item is located (which box it's in, what room it's in, what shelf it's on, etc.) all you have to do is look at the details panel and your answer will be right in the 'Location in Building' field! You can also search by the location name to see which items are in which box/room/shelf. (Of course, you can also just keep the shelf in Delicious Library and use that to track your locations too, but we know that y'all love our cool features as much as we love sharing them!)

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