Friday, May 24, 2013

How To: Take Your Library With You Using Google Drive

Wondering how you're going to take your library on the go without an iApp? Not to worry! We have a great, free, option. Below are step-by-step instructions for how to publish your library from Delicious Library 3 using Google Drive.

1. If you don’t have Google Drive installed, go to and log in with your Gmail account (or create one) and click on "Download Drive for Mac"

2. Open Delicious Library 3 and in the Menu (at the top) Select File > New Published Site
3. Next to "Folder", select "Choose", and pick "Google Drive" folder on your computer and click "Create Publishing Site". Then at the top of the window click on "Publish"
4. Go into Google Drive (through the Finder) Right Click on the "deliciouslibrary" folder and right click then select "Google Drive > Share"
5. Make your library public by changing who has access to "Public on the Web" and click Save.
6. Inside the deliciouslibrary folder, right click the index file and select "View on Web".
7. Then on the webpage that appears click on Preview (to the right of the Zoom options)
8. The URL created is now your library on the web! You can copy the URL into the bar next to the Publish button to keep track of it.

Now you can bookmark it, share it with your friends, and open it on your other devices for on the go viewing.
Happy viewing!