Monday, April 01, 2013

We’re looking for a new support monster!

Delicious Monster is looking for a new support person in San Francisco.

You will answer customer e-mails and do basic bookkeeping. Our online support system makes responding to customers intuitive, but there are always curveball questions, so you’ll learn a lot about software. Bookkeeping for us means entering like twelve bills a month into Quickbooks, making sure the autopay system works, facilitating our ongoing transition from Evil National Bank to First Republic, and running interference with our accountant.

If you are smart and eager, you could also do a million other things. There are only 2½ of us right now, and 80% of us are programmers, so there’s a lot of room to create your own position. Into project management? Give it a shot. Want to attempt PR? Be our guest. Marketing your thing? I don’t even know what that entails. L33T web skillz? You know the drill.

We want someone bright who knows their way around a Mac, but a ton of tech experience isn't necessary or even desirable. Personality fit is key: we have to stare at your mug all day and you have to stare at ours. A sense of humor is required.

Previous support employees have gone on to be a product manager at Apple, a facilities planner at Square, and an assistant to the board of a national health charity.

Delicious Monster is a tiny company with a huge customer base. We created the skeuomorphic bookshelf look adopted by iBooks and Newsstand. We’ve won three Apple Design Awards. We invented video barcode scanning. We presented our first product at TED2005; it was later featured in the Mac App Store launch.

We work out of a coffee shop in San Francisco's Mission District and generally have a caffeine-fueled good time. Join us. E-mail wjs (at)