Friday, June 29, 2012

After a Two Week Hiatus, We're Back (and With a New Monster Onboard)!

You may have been wondering why it's taken a little longer than usual to get in contact with us over the past couple weeks. We apologize for the delay; as you might have seen in our last blog post, Lia gave her final goodbye to Delicious Monster after she was offered her dream job working in finance. Although we're super bummed to see her go, we couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments! She left us with some pretty large shoes to fill, but thankfully I've got big feet and am totally up for the challenge.
My name is Nadia and I will be handling all of your future support-related issues — i.e. crash reports, lost license inquires, general troubleshooting, and how-to questions — at <>. I was a technician at The Apple Store before, so I have a fair amount of experience working with Mac OS X and iOS platforms, so you're in good hands (I promise).
During my first week here at Delicious Monster, I've gone through all of the e-mails that piled up in Lia's absence, so you should have heard back from me if you were waiting for a response! If not, please poke me again. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you on the forum and through your e-mails, so please don't be a stranger! I'm just a click and a send away.

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