Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So Long, Delicious Monster

Well, it's about time I tell you all the news. Today is my last day answering your e-mails and writing these blog posts. Today is my last day at Delicious Monster.

In the last ten months, I've done so much more than customer support. I've run the forum and of course this blog. I've also dabbled in sales and marketing. If any of you have e-mailed us with a question, crash, bug report, or comment, I'm usually the one who reads and responds.

I've been touched by the huge amount of thank-you e-mails, praise on the forum that's specifically mentioned how helpful I was, and general warmth of the whole Delicious Monster family. Once, an application on my computer wasn't opening so I posted on our company Twitter account asking for help. Within minutes, I had a handful of responses from our users; everyone was so instantly helpful and I knew we had a great community.

I know you're all bummed to see me leaving, but never fear, dear users! Our new support gal, Nadia, is more than capable of handling all of your queries and problems. She'll be taking over in a week or so, so we all thank you in advance for your patience and understanding in the interim.

Anyhow, I've never been very good with goodbyes, so I'll just say take care and I hope you all continue to use and love Delicious Library.

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