Friday, June 01, 2012

Our Bluetooth Scanner

As I said in this post, we know that barcode scanning is one of our coolest features. We also know that a fair amount of you use a handheld scanner for this – but how much do you know about that little tool? And what about the rest of our users, the ones who don't use the Bluetooth device or don't know about it? This post is for all of you.

Plenty of scanners work with Delicious Library 2, but the only one we officially support (and sell!) is the Microvision RoV® Bluetooth Scanner. (Not the USB one!) What makes it so deserving of this status? Well, first of all it's far cheaper compared to other Bluetooth scanners, but still has some great features. It has a memory (off-line mode) which allows it to scan even when it's not within range of your computer and then 'dump' the barcodes when it pairs again. Also, the laser bounces off a chip instead of a rotating mirror – this means that it doesn’t drain its batteries as much as others. Finally, it has fewer moving parts, making it far more reliable. You can read more about this awesome gadget on Microvision's website.

Sound good? Why don't you buy one for yourself and join the fun! You can order your scanner for $150 plus shipping from our website, right here. Just fill out your information and hit 'Place Order' when you're done! You can also purchase the scanner in-app when you buy a license after downloading Delicious Library 2 from our website. Just go to the 'Delicious Library' menu and select 'Delicious Licensor' then 'Buy New License.' The licensor will walk you through the steps – just be sure to add the scanner to your order when given the option!

BUT WAIT! Does $150 sound like too much for you? Well then, you're in luck: for the next week, we're having a sale! If you buy by this Friday, June 8th, the scanner is only $110.

Once you decide to go 'handheld' and start scanning in items, you'll need to pair the scanner with Delicious Library, which is super easy. First make sure it's paired with your computer (go to Bluetooth in System Preferences to set this up.) Next, go to the Delicious Library menu in the menu bar and select 'Enable Bluetooth Scanning'. Finally, just press the button on the scanner one time, and wait a few seconds. It should beep if successful. Then you're ready to go!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns e-mail us or tweet @deliciousmonstr.

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