Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mavericks 10.9.2 released yesterday; Delicious Monster recommends updating

Hello, friends. You look extra-tasty today! Just kidding, the monster doesn’t eat people. Well, not customers, at least.

Since the release of Mavericks, Delicious Library 3 has been very crash-prone for some of you. DL3 would often go kaput when adding items, deleting items, or inspecting them. It turns out there was a new bug in the graphics drivers for machines with NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M, GT 650M, GTX 660M, GTX 675MX, GTX 680, GTX 680MX, and GT 755M chips.

Chief Monster Wil ran some tests yesterday under 10.9.2 on a machine with a GeForce driver. Whereas under 10.9.1 the app would crash every 5-10 items, yesterday he scanned 98 items without a hitch and stress-tested inspecting items. The bug appears to have at long last been squashed.

The problem appeared when you would add an item (or inspect it); we would use the 3D graphics engine to make a tiny static snapshot of it that appears in the “Acquire History” area on the left of the screen (or in the inspector window). That tickled an OpenGL driver bug in the first versions of Mavericks on the affected machines.

We've appreciated our users' patience SO MUCH the for the last few months—we know the bug rendered DL3 almost unusable for a lot of you. We asked everyone to be patient till 10.9.1, only to have the fix Apple had initially planned for pulled from that release. Doing damage control on this has held up a lot of the other work we've wanted to do. Now, finally, we can get back to making DL3.2 as delicious as humanly possible.

Download and read more about the Mavericks update here: The new Mavericks also contains important security updates that you'll want even if DL3 has been operating swimmingly for you.

Thanks for reading. Happy scanning!