Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Third beta's a charm

Now that we've moved the company down to sunny (hah!) San Francisco and we've got most of our stuff out of boxes (or at least hidden in closets), we're back to improving Delicious Library 2!

Tonight we released Delicious Library 2.2 beta 3 which contains some major improvements over Version 2.1.

Mainly, DL 2.2b3 is now compatible with Snow Leopard--something we thought might be useful with the new OS coming out soon.

In addition, after August 15th, Amazon is requiring all users to use signed requests. We've included code in 2.2b3 to meet these new security requirements so that users can continue to look up items in Delicious Library 2. This means that if you do not update to Delicious Library 2.2, you won't be able to scan in or search for any new items. The only way you'll be able to enter new things will be to type in all the information by hand (who wants to do that--update!)

Last (that I'm going to mention here) but not least, we've fixed the largest (but still rare) crasher in 2.x--the "recommendations" bug. The handful of you who experienced this bug should no longer be plagued by the annoying crashing. Sorry about that.

Just an FYI, we are still offering a $100 reward to anyone who finds a regression bug in the current beta that we feel is important enough to fix. That means if you find a bug in this beta that wasn't present in the last 2.x release, we'll send you a check for $100. It's pretty easy--I found one yesterday. If you think you've found one, select 'Send Bugs and Feedback' from the Help menu and title the bug report "REGRESSION (beta build)". We'll check it out and get back to you about it ASAP.

Download Delicious Library 2.2b3 here: http://delicious-monster.com/downloads/Delicious%20Library%202%20Beta/DeliciousLibrary2.zip

Full Release Notes for Delicious Library 2.2b3 here: http://delicious-monster.com/downloads/Delicious%20Library%202%20Beta/DeliciousLibrary2.html

Thanks, and enjoy!