Friday, February 01, 2013

Mac App Store Sale: Organize!

Hello, readers—you are smart and lovely and, well, reading this, so you probably already dig Delicious Library. For you, Chief Monster Wil and Monster Minion Jonathon are busy at work on two new, sorta top-secret products. (Soon! ish.) Wil has also wisely invested copious amounts of time in recapping episodes of The Bachelor. (Where would American culture be without that show? We hope it never dies.)

Meanwhile, our friends over at the Mac App Store want to give everyone a break on some of their most popular productivity apps. Delicious Library is featured this week as part of the "Get Stuff Done: Organize" sale. Think of it this way: the Mac App Store is your mom who's mad about your disorganized bedroom, and we at Delicious Monster are your chill aunt who's like, "It's cool. Drink this beer, and I'll work on figuring out which delinquent friend of yours never returned that copy of Blade Runner."

So whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow Saturday or not, you, dear reader, can take advantage of the Get Stuff Done sale to get stuff done with Delicious Library for a mere pittance. Starting now and ending February 7, Delicious Library will be on sale for half off!. Holy cats! Is that our best price ever? No, really, we can't remember is it? Anyhow, we're sure it's close!

Tell your mama, tell your friends, tell anyone whose heart can comprehend…Oh, and here are some ways to sell them on it.

Allow us to help you archive your life:

Had stuff stolen? The insurance company wants an exact list. Delicious Library creates a complete inventory of your possessions, including replacement costs.

Share the love, and then get it back. Treat your collection of media and gadgets like a library. Drag an item onto one of your Contacts, and Delicious Library will remind you when it’s due.

Know what you own. Delicious Library knows if you have something lying around that happens to be worth serious bucks. Put used items up for sale in three clicks.

Need more convincing? Behold, some of our favorite Delicious Library features:

Build your library quickly: Hold a book or DVD up to your Mac webcam to scan; the item appears on your digital shelf seconds later. Delicious Library reads the title aloud, so you can text and drive simultaneously.

Merge physical and electronic collections: View hard copies side by side with iTunes albums, TV shows, movies, and e-books.

Publish to the web: Brag -ahem- share with your friends that vinyl collection, shelf of Hemingway first editions, or undoubtedly impressive iTunes library.

Go international: Delicious Library automatically converts the world’s most popular currencies. Sort a list of books sold in £ and ¥ and US$ and still get an accurate run-down of items by price.

Create bibliographies: Export most bibliographic styles, including AMA, APA, CBE, Chicago, MLA, or, for the real scholars, OMGWTFBBQ.

Did we mention that Delicious Library holds up to 15,000 items? Catalog everything!

Seriously, catalog everything: books, movies, camera equipment, bikes, music, software, collectibles, board games, power tools, electronics, video games…even clothes and jewelry. Organize your collections, archive your life--do it all with us for the price of a few lattes.