Friday, May 04, 2012

Change Is Good! And Easy...

With ever-changing technology, new computers are coming out all the time. We know our users are tech-savvy and hip, so we know it's likely that a lot of you buy new Macs on occasion. We also know that transferring everything over can be a huge hassle. This week's post will explain the most effective way to transfer your Delicious Library information so that your set-up will be as smooth as possible.

For future reference in this post, we're going to say that your old computer is Computer A and the new one is Computer B. (So you have Delicious Library 2 on Computer A and you want to move it to Computer B.)

1) Start out by making sure you've downloaded Delicious Library 2 onto Computer B. You can do that here. If you're an App Store user, just sign into the App Store on your new computer using the same account you used to originally purchase and re-download the app from there.

2) Move your library file from Computer A to the same location on Computer B. To find it, go to the top menu bar on Finder and Select Go > Go to Folder... (you can also press 'shift-command-G'). Paste exactly this in to the search bar: ~/Library/Application Support/Delicious Library 2 then hit 'Go'. A finder window will open with your library folder selected. (If it doesn't work, double-check that you don't have spaces on either end of the text string.) Select the file called 'Delicious Library Items.deliciouslibrary2' and transfer that to the new computer via Bonjour, e-mail, Dropbox, or any other way of sending a file to a new location. (You may need to compress the file so it's small enough to send. To do that, Ctrl-click on it, and select "compress" which will give you a .zip file which you can then send to Computer B.)

3) Once the file is moved to Computer B, you'll need to re-locate the Delicious Library 2 folder which is found in the same location on Computer B as it was on Computer A (home > Library > Application Support > Delicious Library 2). Drag the file that you sent from Computer A directly into the Delicious Library 2 folder.

4) You may also wish to move over your settings and license code. To do this, copy over the preferences file, which is located (in your home folder) at ~/Library/Preferences. The file is called 'com.delicious-monster.library.plist' This step keeps you from having to dig up your license code (or having to ask us for it!) or reapply your settings (shelf size, AppleScripts, etc.)

That's it! Now when you launch DL2, all your data from Computer A will appear on Computer B as well. You can use one license code on up to five machines in a single network, so you'll be covered for a long time.

Just an FYI: when you do this, the data you already had on the second computer will be replaced, not combined. This means if you have the application running on both A and B, and you add new items to both, if you move library A over to library B, the new items from library B will be lost. Combining libraries is another story…for another post.

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