Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dirty, dirty Delicious Library 2 boxes

So as some of you may know, after being download-only for the past six years, we've finally made the leap to beautiful retail boxes. These sexy little boxes have made their way to Apple Retail Store shelves, as well as to Frys, and possibly some other stores' shelves.

This is awesome! We're happy they're out there in the big, bad world, however there's one little problem. The boxes are required to pass through a number of hands before landing on the shelves, and sometime after they leave out squeaky clean warehouse, they're getting scuffed and more than a little grimy.

We put more than a little work into creating these boxes to be beautiful, shiny, white specimens, and it's vexing to us that they arrive in less-than-perfect condition.

This is where you come in. We've already checked out all the boxes in San Francisco, and found them dirty and scuffed. What we want you to do is, if you happen to be in an Apple or other store that carries Mac software, to check and see if you see any Delicious Library 2 boxes. If you do, snap us a quick picture (you do have an iPhone, don't you??) and send it to support at delicious-monster dot com. Also include the Store and City location. Hopefully we'll be able to track down the source of the filth and stamp it out.

Your help is much appreciated, and again, thanks so much for your support!