Monday, September 01, 2008

Delicious Library 2.0.3 Released

The big changes in this release are mostly around publishing and subscribing to friends' libraries, with some publishing methods being re-written from scratch, and every method being tweaked in some way. As well, a common issue where it would appear Delicious Library 2 is being extremely slow when in fact it was loading a friend's collection from the internet (often unbeknownst to the owner!) has been fixed, as well.

Automatic currency conversion works much better in this release, so users with collections whose values are in mixed currencies will now find that their items correctly sort by their real relative value. Delicious Library 2 is the only catalog application on any platform that automatically tracks the world's currencies.

Existing 2.0 customers will be automatically upgraded when they launch the app, or they can download the latest version from its usual home at

Here are the release notes for 2.0.3 only, and the release notes for all 2.0.x releases together .

I'm pretty happy with this release — I've fixed some issues that were really ruining Delicious Library 2 for some users, and I have been feeling just awful about that. As always, if you have problems please check out our support pages.