Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Delicious Library 2 has Arrived!

We've been working on Delicious Library 2 since November of 2004, with six months out to do internationalization of Delicious Library 1.5, and four or so months to rewrite iSight scanning for internal iSights in Delicious Library 1.6 . Delicious Library 1.0 only took seven months to write, so, obviously, this one was a lot harder.

There are over a hundred new features in 2, and hundreds more bug fixes. I'm very proud of it, and very exhausted. I could blah blah blah a lot about it, but basically the entire delicious-monster.com website has been re-written to sell DL2, so please explore it.

Or why not just download it from http://www.delicious-monster.com/downloads/DeliciousLibrary2.zip — I mean, it's free to try out, and DL2 makes a copy of your Delicious Library 1 collection so you can always go back.

Note that DL2 only runs on Leopard, so I'm going to keep selling Delicious Library 1 as long as there is interest, but for $20 instead of $40. However, the free upgrade offer from DL1 to DL2 ends at midnight on May 26, 2008 (with the lowering of DL1's price), so if you later buy Leopard it'll cost $20 to go to DL2 as well. This totals to $40, which is what DL1 alone cost before May 27, so it's not really much of a change except you have to pay less up-front, which I figure nobody will complain about.

Delicious Library 1 isn't currently linked from the main site (I'm not sure where to put it) but you can get it from http://www.delicious-monster.com/downloads/DeliciousLibrary.dmg.