Saturday, July 26, 2008

Support Update.

As of July 15 Terry managed to get caught up with all our support mail, which was a Herculean achievement. We'd received about 35,000 e-mails in the two months since Delicious Library 2 was launched, and Terry sorted through most of them herself. (We respond to every request for help, but for bug reports we usually file them without a response.) Sure, a lot of that was spam, but a LOT of it wasn't. She got a very large bonus check on that day and we had a huge party where we rented the best restaurant in town and invited a ton of people and got kind of drunk and watched Step Up 2.

We've also opened a new forum on Get Satisfaction, which has this neat logo that you can click on to join in:


Woot! Both Terry and I are on there, and we have RSS feeds to it in our browser windows, so every day when we are on the web we see anyone who posts there. I can't promise we'll respond personally to everything, since part of the point of having a forum is to allow customers to talk to each other, but we'll try very hard to stay active on this forum (assuming it doesn't get over-run with crazy noise-posts — we aren't moderators on Get Satisfaction, so we're curious to see how the site will deal with miscreants as it expands).

We've linked to these forums on our help page as well, so if you have an issue that's not in the FAQ we've made you can look it up on the forums without having to leave that page. I think that's nifty.

Again, I apologize that we were caught so flat-footed by this deluge of e-mail, and especially apologize to those of you who wrote us and ended up waiting a month for a response. But, we're caught up now, so if you have a support problem that has NOT been responded to and it's been more than four days, please write again — we finished the whole mailbox, so either we never got your mail or your spam filters ate our response. (The mail comes from kind of a funny address, so check your spam box.) Note again that if you filed a bug we usually will NOT respond unless we need more information or have something fixed and are offering to let you test it.

Thank you, as always, for being our customer.