Thursday, December 20, 2007

Delicious Library: Buy Now, Upgrade Later for Free.

As you might have guessed after we shipped Delicious Library, we've been working on Delicious Library 2. Shocking, I know.

We've had some nice previews on Theocacoa, Ars Technica, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and, of course, Apple.

We're working our butts off on version 2 ever since we shipped version 1, but there have been delays - first off, because we had two very major free updates to version 1 (the international release 1.5, and the new webcam barcode scanning algorithm for version 1.6) that took a long time each (as well as some minor updates), and second because we decided when we saw Leopard that we should re-target our release as Leopard-only, which meant spending a year debugging Leopard with Apple.

We're very, very close now, and I'm happy to announce that everyone who buys or has bought a license to Delicious Library version 1 (the current version, for sale now), on or after December 1st, 2007, will qualify for a free upgrade to 2.0 when it's available.

Delicious Library 1 (that will be 2) would make an excellent Christmas gift, or gift for whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, if any. Sure, it's too late for חֲנֻכָּה, but, uh, isn't פֶּסַח coming? In a few months, or something?

So buy now! Without fear! Momma needs Christmas presents! Daddy needs to pay the rent on the old Omni building that is now vacant and losing $10,000 a month!

[To make my lawyers happy, I should mention that, SHOULD SOME unforeseen complication arise and we never ship Delicious Library 2, this deal is null and void. Sorry. I will say that we are using out best efforts to get Delicious Library 2 out and do it in a timely manner, and that "best efforts" is a real legal term and does obligate us to really try, for serious, which doesn't really worry me because, seriously, I'm working nights, weekends, weekdays... ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME. Also, I mean, we've already won an Apple Design Award for version 2 -- obviously, we've gotta ship it.]