Thursday, December 13, 2007

Child's Play Charity Auction, 2007

Would you sell your pants in the name of charity?

For the third year in a row we had the honor (well, actually, we paid) of attending the annual Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction, hosted by Penny Arcade’s crowd-pleasing yet surprisingly shy Gabe and Tycho. The night was a success from a fundraising standpoint, raising over $225,000 to buy toys for sick kids! (Seriously, if they could find a way to work in orphaned kittens, this charity would print its own money.)

The only disappointment came when Tycho refused to auction off his pants — despite our generous bids and chanting. Seriously, just wear underpants next year! Gabe and Tycho did a great job overcoming their self-proclaimed social anxiety, and created an entertaining and charged atmosphere for hundreds of developers and gamers from the area, plus some innocents at our table who had no idea who all these geeks were. The bidding wars were outrageous, the company fantastic, and the contributions copious! We couldn’t imagine a better time standing up (well, unless SOMEONE had removed his pants), and the cause—providing toys and games to kids in hospitals all over the world—is something we really believe in.

Delicious Monster won several items, including the grand prize: another guest appearance in an upcoming Penny Arcade strip. However, this time, the strip will feature's Wil's cat. (Hey, it's for charity.)

Delicious Monster the handsomest software company in the world, left to right: Mike Lee (the world's toughest programmer), Lucas Newman (in his last public appearance as a monster), and Chief Monster Wil Shipley.