Friday, March 09, 2012

Playing Movies Directly From Your Library

While Delicious Library is mainly an application to catalog and organize your physical collections, we understand that a lot of our users have their movies digitized. That's why we added this really cool (but kind of hard to find) feature: you can link your movies in Delicious Library to your digitized movies on your computer.

Pretty cool, right? Wrong. REALLY cool!

"Really cool indeed!" you say. "But how does it work?" It's easy! Each item can be linked to a URL, which can be the address of a page on the web or a file on your computer.

To edit an item, just select an item and click on the 'Details' panel to the right. Click on the edit button (the one that looks like a pencil) and look for the URL field – it should be just under the Location field.

Click the arrow to the left of where it says 'URL' and select 'Choose File.' Find the relevant file on your computer, select it, and hit 'Choose.'

To end edit mode, just click the pencil button again or hit the 'Enter' key.

Now, to launch the movie from Delicious Library, right-click the item on your shelf and select 'Play.' You can also just hover your mouse over the item and hit the 'Play' (>) button that will appear.

As always, if you have any trouble with this feature or questions, just shoot an e-mail to