Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be a Delicious Advisor. Please.

We’re forming an advisory committee, and you’re invited!

“How is an advisory committee different from a bunch of beta testers,” you say? Good questions! I’m glad I pretended you asked it.

We’re going to gather a small group of Delicious Library users (and hopefully a couple ex-users) and periodically ask you questions on how you use our app and what functionality you like and what you don’t and what you need that you’re not getting. (And, if you’re an ex-user, why they don’t use our app any more.)

What do you get in return? Well, honestly, mostly you get the pleasure of helping design good software. I mean, it’s why I do what I do. Well, that and all the hot software groupies.

BUT, we want to show you you’re extra-special, so we’re going to give you everything we do, free and early. Delicious Library 3? You can start using it now. Our first new app in eight years, Delicious D________? You’ll see it grow as it happens. Our game for the iPad? Yours.

RULES: If you sign up, you’re going to be on a mailing list, that we hope will be relatively low-traffic, but you will be talking with other people of your ilk. So, if you’re afraid of ilks, don’t sign up. You’re expected to keep everything we tell you that was a secret still a secret. If you intentionally don’t, there could even be legal repercussions, but most probably we’ll publicly berate you.

We won’t be able to accept everyone who applies (it has to be a small group or it doesn’t work), so tell us a tiny little bit about yourself and how you use Delicious Library 2 (or why you stopped, or why you bought a competing app), so we can get a variety of users.

E-mail with your subject line containing the phrase “Delicious Advisor,” if you’d like to sign up.

And thank you! I’m excited to work with you.

-Wil Shipley
Chief Monster, Delicious Monster Software