Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

One day only! Delicious Monster ROCKS The Apple Store Seattle! You'll purchase the whole seat, but you'll only use THE EDGE!

Ok, so Mike wanted me to tell the tens of people who read this Blog that we're going to hanging out by machines at The Apple Store (University Village) on Saturday giving demos to people. We're not going to take over the theatre (yes, I spent a couple years in Canada, thanks for asking); we're just going to hang out by some machines and a stack of iSights and see if we can get some people excited.

Also, every hour, on the hour, SOMEONE will win a BRAND NEW LOTUS ELISE!

No, that's not true. We can't really afford that, but, believe me, we'd buy each and every one of you a Lotus if we could. You guys are great. Also, they're really nice cars, so check them out.