Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Version 1.0.7...

We're planning on releasing version 1.0.7 the week of MacWorld (January 9th) -- all current customers will get a friendly little in-app notice that there's a new version ready, which is a prequel to the full-blown automatic-download-and-update mechanism that's included in 1.0.7. Tim here just wrote it, it's pretty darn nice. I mean, I'm a techy guy, but I hate downloading new versions of apps, opening the DMG, figuring out where the old version is, replacing it, unmounting the DMG, throwing it in the trash, and running the new version. I can only imagine how my mom feels about this process. (Answer: she can't do it.)

Well, with the 1.0.7 version (and beyond) you just click a button, and in a few moments you're running the new version. No muss, no fuss, no fishy aftertaste.

1.0.7 will also feature a couple more bugfixes, and one or two kind of neat features, but nothing earth-shattering. We're simultaneously working on 1.1, which is the version that can download from any Amazon store anywhere in the world, and that one is really cool. 1.1 will be a free upgrade, as well any "." release, while 2.0 (and 3.0, and 4.0...) will require $$$.

Hopefully 1.0.7 be up on our website a few days before the 9th, so you can avoid the huge crush of people by downloading early. If so, I'll post a URL here in a week or so.