Sunday, December 05, 2004

First post!

Hey, look at me, I have the first post! I'm so proud of myself. I've never had one of these before.

So, in this blog the people involved in Delicious Monster are going to talk about our day-to-day experiences (well, the interesting ones) in figuring out what we want to do with our little company, in creating our products, and in getting the word out on them. For the sort of person who reads the rumor sites, we're also going to give hints of upcoming features in here first, as well.

Some things to remember are: the opinions expressed by people in this blog are their own, and are not vetted by Delicious Monster first. So, just because you see someone who works for us saying, "We're adding support for twisted-pair copper flux inducers to Delicious Library 3.0," that does NOT mean it's true, and you can't sue us if we don't, so nyah-nyah-nyah.

[One big reason companies don't like leaking info about upcoming software products is customers will buy the current product based on what they believe is coming in an upgrade, and then if the upgrade doesn't have feature X the customers will be (understandably) unhappy. To combat this, we encourage our potential customers to always buy our software based on whether the current version meets their needs and makes them happy. If not, write us, and then wait until we come out with a version that does.]

Thanks for reading our little blog!

-Wil Shipley
Chief Monster,
Delicious Monster Software